What To Look For When Hiring Corporate Entertainment

When your responsibility is to locate and book musicians or entertainers for an important company or corporate affair you will probably feel at least a little bit of anxiety. It is typically a nerve-wracking job when you recognize that your boss is going to put the blame on you if the company entertainment isn’t as good as they had expected. Hiring corporate entertainment that’s clean, innovative, and entertaining for a big group of finicky people isn’t an easy chore, but by sticking to some straightforward guidelines it will be easy to find the best possible musicians or entertainers for your corporate shindig.

So what’s the ultimate goal here? To find wholesome talent that will show up to the event, give your crowd an awesome performance, and cause you to look good. You do want to be the hero, don’t you? Bringing in a person that tells filthy, bad jokes probably won’t go over too well with your company’s owner, so make it a point to get clean and wholesome entertainment first and foremost.

Before beginning your entertainment search it is critical to evaluate and understand the crowd that will be attending. Do you think they’ll be rambunctious or calm, off the wall or sluggish? Or is it possible they’re a mixture? Being familiar with the crowd’s likes and dislikes and personalities will help you decide what sort of corporate event entertainment will be the best choice for your particular crowd. As an example, a younger audience might want a standup comic or a deafening cover band, while an older and more sophisticated group may go for a motivational speaker or swing band that will provide swing dance music. Find out from some of your guests what they might have a preference for, and you will probably obtain the answers you seek.

The next task is to jot down a list of possible entertainers or bands that may be a great fit for your guests. Besides live bands, magic acts, and comedians you may be thinking about entertainment like Yo-Yo experts, funny jugglers, yodelers, ethnic dancers, ballroom dancers, or other types of entertainment.

As soon as you decide what type of event entertainment you intend to hire, the next job is to find and book those entertainers. There are two ways to go about this. One, you can do some searching online for the entertainers, and then talk to them yourself, or two, you can enlist the aid of a skilled booking agent. If the goal is to have everything go smoothly it would be wise to go with a booking agent. It’s as basic as letting them know what style of entertainment you want and the amount of your spending budget. Once they know these two things they will be able to provide you with many good options.

A reputable booking agent can also take care of the legalities and contracts on your behalf. What a relief that can be. Creating a legal contract between the talent and yourself will give you reassurance that the entertainers or musicians will show up at the agreed-upon venue at the time specified. Without having a signed contract in place, there are entertainers out there that would cancel on you the very second a better offer on the same date came up, causing you to be without entertainment at the last minute. A quality booking agency knows which acts are responsible and which are not. A seasoned booking agent can lessen your level of stress or anxiety while taking on all the tedious work on your behalf.

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