Friendship Bracelets – Give The Gift Of Friendship

Although there are a number of theories about the origins of friendship bracelets, it’s clear that today they are a popular and attractive accessory that’s widely appreciated. Some commentators say that friendship bracelets originated way back in ancient China; others suggest that South America was the birthplace of the bracelet. Whatever its history, contemporary friendship bracelets are a visible sign of a committed friendship. Although it’s possible to buy friendship bracelets, we suggest that the most meaningful, special bracelets are ones that you’ve made yourself. Read on to discover five reasons why making a friendship bracelet should be top of your “to-do” list.

Suitable for people of all ages

As well as your peers, older and younger people will also love a friendship bracelet. They are among the most versatile pieces of jewellery and have the added advantage of being extremely durable. Water doesn’t affect this type of bracelet, so it can stay on the wrist pretty much all the time. As well as friends, bracelets are a fantastic gift for family to show that you care.

Unisex gifts which are always appealing

Friendship bracelets are one of the few pieces of jewellery that are truly unisex. The same design is equally suitable for boys and girls. The versatile nature of leads many people to make a number of the same design and give one to every member of their friendship group. If you’ve been jewellery making and crafted a beautiful bracelet to give to a best friend, it doesn’t matter who that friend is, your design will be a suitable one!

A gift to show true friendship

One of the most rewarding things about creating friendship bracelets is that they’re a symbol of true friendship. Everyone likes to be thought of as a true friend, which is why receiving it is such a privilege. Many people find that when they gift a like this, they receive a delighted response from the recipient, making the effort of jewellery creation more than worthwhile!

Friendship – a gift that lasts

Long after flowers have faded, chocolates have been eaten or candles have burned away, a friendship bracelet will remain, a lasting reminder of a special friendship. Made from embroidery thread, leather, string, coloured cotton or even plastic thread, friendship bracelets are enormously durable. This means that when you gift one, you’re gifting a long-lasting present that will probably give years of pleasure to the wearer.

Making jewellery – learn a new skill

Last but not least, having a go at making jewellery is a great opportunity to learn something new. Given how attractive it looks. Friendship bracelets are surprisingly simple to make. Once you’ve mastered it, not only can you gift ones to friends and relations, you can also pass some on to less creative friends who want to gift bracelets themselves. Better still, why not share your knowledge with them and pass along the gift of jewellery making as well as the gift of friendship?

What are you waiting for? Start crafting your bracelets now and show your friends you care.

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