Modern Cat Scratching Posts

A well-constructed cat scratching post is a must for a healthy and happy cat. Not only will a scratching post provide your cat with an outlet for their naturally occurring instinct to scratch, it also provides as much as exercise for your pet as possible. When choosing a cat scratching post for your feline friend, you want to make sure that it has enough height for your pet to climb on comfortably. The post should also have some sort of traction on the bottom so that your pet can easily move their claws along the wood.

There are many different types of cat scratching posts available on the market today. You can choose from posts that are made of wood, vinyl, metal, or even sisal rope. Each type of post has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As far as cost goes, wooden posts tend to be the most affordable and at the same time offer the most variety in terms of designs. For those cat owners who already have a pet cat that already possesses its claws, then there really isn’t anything out there that can compare to the joys of having a pet cat that already possesses its own scratching post. But if you’re starting out with no claws and are still a cat owner then sisal rope or sisal fabric post would be best suited to your pet’s needs.

Vinyl cat scratching posts are usually made out of corrugated cardboard. These types of scratch posts are made for two reasons, one to keep your cat off hardwood flooring, and two to deter your cat from clawing everything in sight! Unfortunately, these types of scrapbooking tools are not very comfortable for cats and tend to rip out quite a bit of your cat’s skin with each scratch. At least they do make great kitty wallpaper and for people who do have cats that are not into this particular genre they can be thrown away.

There are some other types of cat scratching posts on the market today that are made from either corrugated cardboard or vinyl. The materials are varied but they tend to be softer and less likely to tear out your cat’s skin. One of the down sides to this type of post however is that it is typically not roomy enough for cats to run around in and climb on. If you have several small cats in your household then you may want to consider getting a larger post. Either way, these types of scratch posts should only be purchased if you have enough room in your house for more than two cats.

The final type of cat scratching posts that I will discuss are those that are made from sisal rope. This particular material tends to be a lot softer than the ones previously mentioned and the material does wear a little easier as well. The down side to these types of scratch posts is that they require you to have a little more space in your house and that it requires a little more cleaning up afterward. If you do not mind these things then by all means get a sisal rope scratching post.

Hopefully this brief article has given you a few ideas of what cat scratching posts are available and why. If you would like more information about cat scratching posts then by all means look online for some reviews of the best brands. Or, visit your local pet store and ask the retailer to give you some advice. Regardless of which type of cat scratching posts you decide on, always remember to keep them clean and always make sure they are comfortable for your cat.

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