Clitheroe England Travel Review: Attractions And Accommodation

Clitheroe England is home to the smallest 12th Century Norman castle. It has become a popular tourist destination over recent years due to its proximity to the Bowland Forest.
The Swan and Royal Hotel in Clitheroe, England, was the meeting point for jet engine developers during world war ii. Although this town is small and compact, it brings in a lot of value to the economy.

Clitheroe Top Attractions

Clitheroe Castle

It is one of the smallest medieval castles in England. Clitheroe Castle is believed to have been built in the 12th century by the normans. It belonged to the de Lacy family, who later gave it to the first Duke of Albemarle George Monck in 1660. It remained a private property afterward until 1920 where it was opened to the public as a war memorial. Clitheroe Castle is among the smallest stone-built keep surviving in England until today.

Clitheroe Castle Museum

One of the Clitheroe norman castle rooms was turned to a museum. It was officially opened by Prince Richard on June 23, 2009, after undergoing £3.5 million redevelopments and refurbishment. Ever since, this attraction has been named a top visitor attraction. The museum displays original surviving features such as fireplaces, servants bells, and gas lights. Furthermore, it also presents the history and folklore and life of Clitheroe people, castle as well as the natural history.

Whalley Abbey

Whalley abbey is a conference and retreat house that is set in stunning ruins and grounds. It lies along the beautiful River Calder banks about 3 miles away from the town of Clitheroe. The properties are so cheap and remarkable. Also, there is no time restriction so that you can come in at any time. It is a good place for a family picnic gateway and other functions such as indoor conferences. The site is worth a visit, whether for an event or your own personal escapades.

Forest of Bowland AONB

The forest of Bowland is what makes Clitheroe a top tourist destination in Lancashire. The forest covers 312 square miles with green vegetation and a beautiful landscape. It is a unique and captivating part of Lancashire consisting of gentle and tidy lowlands, the sky above expanses, picturesque farms inside dotted stone walls. The forest of Bowland is the perfect place to escape from the bustle of everyday life to have peace of mind. Furthermore, it is an ideal place for hiking bird and wildlife watching.


Stonefold Holiday Cottage

Stonefold Holiday Cottage is one of the best places to stay if you are on a trip to the forest of Bowland. It is a 16th-century farmhouse that has been converted to a luxury and a family catering holiday cottage. It is located at an ideal place for bird watching and nature walks.

Hipping Hall

Hipping Hall is also a 16th-century house that undergone a severe transformation. It lies in a 10 acre of land in North Lancashire near Yorkshire Dales National Park. A strategic location for travelers to settle as they explore Yorkshire and Clitheroe England.

The Avenue Hotel

The hotel is situated 15 mins outside Clitheroe, its is to be found along a tree covered road in the village of Brockhall. It has 20 plus rooms all of which are tastefully decorated, the main attraction to this hotel is the staff who easily pickup 10.0 each time. It also has a restaurant which serves local produce along with a lovely bar. So if you are looking for a hotel in and around Clitheroe the avenue can help.

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