Types Of Entertainment To Include In Wedding Receptions

Your wedding reception shouldn’t just celebrate you as a couple, but show your thanks to your guests for attending your big ceremony. The problem with many receptions is that they don’t offer fun activities or forms of entertainment that all of the guests can enjoy, which often leads to boredom. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can keep everyone entertained and included during the party, and the entertainment ideas below are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

*Choose unique and interesting music and dance entertainment.

Instead of leaving your guests alone on the dance floor after the first dance, try something different by hiring a dance instructor to teach your guests a fun and simple dance that they can all participate in. You can add even more interest to the dance by tying it in with your ethnicity or personal hobbies. Make sure to include music that everyone can enjoy, and not only you as a couple. Of course, for your first dance as newlyweds, you can choose whatever music has the most meaning to you, but for the rest of the reception do consider the preferences of your guests.

*Channel your youthful self and bring out your inner child.

Not all wedding receptions need to be serious or completely formal, which is why you may wish to think about reception entertainment ideas that channel everyone’s inner child. For example, you can set up video games, a ping-pong table or even have a popcorn machine that all of your guests can enjoy. You can even take this a step further by creating a temporary arcade for those young at heart.

Another unique idea that very few wedding receptions incorporate is to add a petting zoo during cocktail hour. You can play it safe with cute and fluffy animals, but if you want to get cool factor points from your guests, consider giving them a chance to get close up with a falcon or a tortoise.

*Rent a photo booth for all of your guests to use.

Photo booth rental services are not only affordable, but they can add a great deal of fun to an otherwise mundane reception. Adults and children alike can enjoy the privacy that a booth has to offer, and they can let out their fun and zany sides while they try on different props and print out their photos. We all remember photo booths from shopping malls when we were children, so they be a great nostalgic memory from the past that can help commemorate an important day in everyone’s lives.

At the heart of every great wedding reception is a fantastic and knowledgeable DJ who can keep your guests entertained and occupied. Regardless of your personal tastes in music, it’s important to find a DJ or a band that can incorporate all styles of music and will listen to your personal needs. Though there are plenty of ways entertainment can add a personalized touch to your reception, hopefully, the above information will serve as a great starting point.

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