Survival Skills You Must Know To Get Out Of The Jungle Alive

What would you do if you got lost in the jungle? Thats a question for you to think about isnt it? If you have not the slightest clue, then read on. This article will open the help open the light for you on what to do and what not to do when you are in that situation.

You are stuck in the jungle with situations that are not ideal, and you want to get out of there a live. The question is, do you have what the skills and know how to do that? You will find the top survival tips in this article that will help you stay alive and get to safety.

1. Learn Basic First Aid

Basic first aid knowledge is an essential survival skill to have, especially when you are dealing with emergency situations in the jungle. There are three main injuries that you have to learn how to fix and they are cut and scrape, mend fractures and how to properly treat burns.

2. Cut And Scrape

Basically you need not be too concerned about small cuts, but keep the wound clean and monitor it so theres no infection. Tourniquet needs to be performed if a cut is too deep and you cant stop excessive blood lost from the victim. To stop the bleed you may have to tighten the tourniquet and cover the cut with a clean surgical wrap or any clean material that you may have.

3. Mend Dislocations & Fractures

If by any chance you have a dislocated arm or leg, you will have to get it properly back in place. For example, you can pop a dislocated kneecap back in place by stretching out your leg and twist it back in the socket. For fractures however, you just need to get a few sticks from your surroundings to make a splint. Use the sticks to stabilize the fracture bone and tie your shoelaces around them to hold them in place.

4. Treating Burns

This is an important survival skill to have in case you got a burn while moving in the jungle. The first action to help a burnt victim is to remove his/her clothing immediately and run lukewarm water over the burnt portion of the body. The other alternative is to apply a layer of honey over the burnt area if, of course you happen to have honey with you.

5. Build A Survival Shelter

This can be a temporary shelter you find in the woods. You know an abandoned cabin or even an abandoned car that is free from poisonous snakes. Or you can build a lean-on shelter made out of branches and leaves.

6. Starting a Fire

In the event that you do not have a fire starter kit or a lighter with you, you can start a fire using to rocks and dry leaves. Hit the two rocks together until the spark light up the dry leaves. This is the simplest way to start a fire.

Hope you have found this article on jungle survival tips useful. Most importantly I hope this has given you a good insight on jungle survival skills and has prepared you in some way to deal with the situation if need you need to.

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