The Most Glamorous Resorts In South Africa 

When in South Africa, there’s a certain preference from tourists that their resort should offer a number of massages, a large pool, a lot of greenery, and a breath-taking view of the sunset over the savannah. For the more family-oriented visitor, they prefer having a lot of in-house amenities like gaming rooms, multimedia rooms, and restaurants. 
If it’s your first time in South Africa and this kind of resort is where you want to stay in for your trip, then you’re in the right place. This article gives you a list of the most glamorous resorts in South Africa that has all the amenities and services you can think of.

The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa in Cape Town

Just a few minutes from Cape Town’s city proper sits Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa. This boutique hotel is part of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, a family business, and has been part of the Leading Hotels of the World. If you’re looking for a peaceful yet accessible resort where you can easily go to the city, then this boutique hotel is great for you.
The hotel has 70 guest rooms overlooking the Twelve Apostles mountain range. Each room boasts of modern and sophisticated designs that are still home to South Africa. When you find yourself staying here, you wouldn’t run out of spas to go to. 

Ellerman House in Cape Town

Another Cape Town favorite is the Ellerman House, a 5-star hotel right in the middle of the suburb of Bantry Bay. What makes this different from your usual resort is that Ellerman House has stuck to its roots by providing few yet unique and simple rooms. It only has 13 rooms and 2 villas and each of them offer a great view of the picturesque Atlantic Ocean. 
Another thing that makes Ellerman House unique is it really tried to look as natural as its surroundings – less extravagance on the size of the hotel itself, fewer walls and more windows and glass, and less technology all over. You can easily feel like you went on retreat because of the simplicity in everything.

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve at Cederberg Mountains

Right at the foothills of the Cederberg Mountains is Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve. Following its name, this resort offers a one of a kind wilderness experience with you being immersed in mountains of sandstone and different rock formations. If you’re one of the people who are looking for a retreat or a place where you can reconnect with a different kind of nature, then this resort is for you. What’s more, this must be one of the few exclusive resorts in the world where you can take a dog with you on vacation.

Royal Malewane at Hoedspruit

Last but definitely not the least is Royal Malewane. Royal Malewane is easily considered as one of the very best resorts and spas in South Africa. Because of its exclusivity and luxury, there are only 7 rooms in total that make up this grand resort. 
Royal Malewane’s specialty is its location. Because of its location, guests are able to witness the Big Five in their surroundings (of course, they are still spared the interaction with them). The resort also offers hunting expeditions in the vicinity.

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