Take A Vacation In The Hidden Paradise Of Jomalig, Philippines

Jomalig is not your typical tourist destination in the Philippines. It is part of the Polilio Island groups in Quezon province and locally pronounced as humalig. The place boasts of a golden sand coastline where the waters are teeming with life. Jomaligs appeal lies in its unspoiled beauty and the kindness of the locals.

What to Do in Paradise
Lying down on the golden sandy beach and swimming is one of your main objectives. The underwater scene is also a sight to behold. Better bring your snorkelling equipment and take some underwater pictures while youre at it. You could also enjoy your meals on the beach, spend the day fishing or visit the lively mangroves.

This is a remote, laid-back holiday destination. You won’t find a plethora of self catering cabins, hotels and guest houses like you do in better known vacation destinations around the world. The only place where tourists can find accommodations is in Tejadas Place located in Sitio Landing. A private room with toilet and bath can cost you around $10 a day. If youre bringing camping equipment, you can camp on the beach.

Getting there is not easy, which is probably the reason most tourists have never heard of it. If you can, charter a plane since the place has an airstrip. You could also go there by land and sea but the trip is not for the faint-hearted. There are three possible routes. Unfortunately, any route you choose will take several hours to reach Jomalig. On the other hand, you can travel in style if you have a yacht.

The Real Route
This is the preferred route since boats are always available here to take you to Jomalig. The sea transports are fish cargo vessels but they can take passengers. You can find them in the docks near the school. Make sure to arrive before noon since the boats depart by that time. You also need to pay around $4 (P200) for the fare for a six-hour journey.

The Panganiban, Camarines Norte Route
Before taking this route, make sure to check the ferry schedules. The trips are not regular and may you have to wait for a day or two. Nevertheless, the Panganiban route is the one nearest to Jomalig if youre in the Luzon mainland. If youre in Manila, take a bus going to Daet but get off at the Talobatib Junction in Labo. The travel time can reach up to seven hours. From Talobatib, take another bus bound for Panganiban which will take you more than an hour.

The Atimonan Route
From the Philippine capital, a bus ride to Atimonan will take around four hours. Upon arrival, you can ride a tricycle (motorized bike with sidecar) going to the port. You have to ride a cargo vessel since there are no commercial vessels available. The trips are also not daily just like in Panganiban. If you got on board, expect a trip that can last up to seven hours.

Things to Take Note
Sea travel is quite rough from September until January but its an adventure worth taking. You can bring your own meal for the trip or buy meals on board. Electric power from 6 PM to 1 AM but local mobile telco services is available.

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