Potty Training Your Pup With Puppy Pads

Urinating, pooping and possible vomiting, a pleasant introduction to puppy parenthood indeed. Accidents in the home are inevitable, however, potty training your puppy is not necessarily going to be an uphill battle. Potty training nirvana may be achieved through following some basic steps and consistency.

Don’t purchase the puppy pads that are the cheapest in the store simply because you’ll be throwing several away daily. Money is not being wasted by purchasing the training pads, quite the contrary as it in fact assists you to save. You need to consider the cost of hiring professional cleaners to clean carpets or re-stain wooden floors, the huge quantity of cleaning supplies which would be required during potty training as well as the damage to carpets and rugs from urine.

In addition, should you live in an apartment that has no area with grass or a park nearby, the puppy training pad will offer a safe place for your pup to urinate. Should you reside in a home which has a yard or an apartment with a grassed area for potty training, the potty training pad may still be an outstanding tool for the introduction of the outdoors to your puppy. Under these circumstances, the puppy training pad may be placed outdoors wherever you would like your puppy to urinate as this will allow him to acquaint himself with the environment outside.

Quite a number of dog owners are unintentionally reliant on the training pad if they leave it on the floor at all times as their puppy then uses it indoors rather that heading outdoors. To prevent this from happening, you need to predict when your puppy needs to urinate so that you may take him outdoors timeously. Don’t leave him alone whilst potty training. Should you see him starting to sniff around, take him outside immediately.

You may start house training your puppy as soon as he has reached the age where he can be trained. Begin by crate training your pup and although this could be a lengthy process before he masters it, his being comfortable in the crate or in an enclosure is important. Once crate training is done, potty training is the next priority for you and your puppy as it is most important that he learns where he can and cannot go potty in your home.

If you own a dog that is small, make sure that you purchase a small crate so that he learns that if he has an accident close to him, it will be unpleasant. For a large puppy, you can purchase a large crate which may be sectioned off so that he has a smaller area whilst still a puppy as this will aid his potty training.

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