Nail Trimming Tips For Pets

It’s best to allow your kitten to get accustomed to having its claws trimmed when it is still young so that problems cutting the claws when it’s an adult won’t occur. When you decide to trim the claws, begin with one or two and watch how your kitten takes to it. Should your kitten seem unhappy, stop trimming and try again later.

The trimming of the claws is perhaps one of the most neglected parts of caring for a cat. Leaving the claws long doesn’t just look bad, it’s uncomfortable as well as unhealthy for your cat too. Feral and also wild cats manage to wear their claws down on a regular basis, however, domesticated cats require more help with this. As domesticated cats don’t get to wear their claws down like wild and feral cats, should their claws be allowed to grow too long before trimming, this can result in discomfort and pain as they might grow into the paws. This means that claw trimming must absolutely be a part of their grooming routine.

It is in fact a rather unnerving task to trim the nails of your dog. The reason being, because should you cut his nails too short, bleeding can happen. Also, if they are not cut frequently enough, the nails could either break, become infected or cause his gait to be altered. It is best to calm your dog down before the trimming begins by offering him treats and praise so that he associates the cutting of his nails with enjoyment. During the nail cutting process, remember to take a look at the pads and toe spaces to ensure that all is well and healthy.

Cutting the nails of a dog is a task that is dreaded by a lot of pet owners, nevertheless, it still has to be done on a monthly basis. It is not a process enjoyed by the dog either and it’s possible that you may cut the nail down too far as well. It would probably be best to rather allow a dog groomer to do this task as they understand just how much nail to trim off and are also experienced with getting your dog to co-operate.

A good way to acclimatize your puppy to having their nails trimmed would be to handle the puppy’s paws on a daily basis which will ensure they will sit still whilst this necessary task is completed. Your dog’s nails should be trimmed on a regular basis unless they are ground down becuase your dog exercises on concrete. Remember though that consistent cutting of your dog’s nails is essential for his well-being and health.

To avoid having to cut your dog’s nails yourself, you could have a mobile pet groomer trim your dog’s nails instead or even take him to the pet groomer instead. It is however essential to take care when choosing a good pet groomer, just as you would when choosing a stylist or massage therapist for yourself.

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