Jam-packed Trip To Bolivia, South America

If you are looking for the all-in-one country for your next travel, whether solo or in a group, you should consider Bolivia. This gem of South America has a lot to offer when it comes to culture, food, and adventure. In fact, it is considered as one of the most diverse nations of the continent. To top it all, Bolivia is mostly praised for its innate sightliness. 

There are many safe places to visit around the globe. You could stay at home and play it safe on a vacation with your dog. Or you could don a backpack and take an adventurous trip to this enchanting South American country, sandwiched between Peru and Argentina. Besides, there are plenty of dogs in Bolivia. You won’t miss your pooch one bit.

Traveling around the world, you may have come across multiple types of cultures. Undeniably, Bolivia has a rich one. This country is overflowing when it comes to the parade which is celebrated almost every month. As expected from a South American parade, these are filled with bright multi-hued costumes. Called entradas by the natives, they are undertaken to celebrate either an important day or deity for the nation or region. Parades therein are marked by bands, dancers, colors, etc.

However, if you are the type of tourist who wants to explore more of every destination, you may prefer visiting indigenous communities. Bolivia has one of the largest percentages of indigenous people in South America. 

Moving forward, another way to have a glimpse of a country is through your stomach. Get a taste of Bolivia by trying out local meals or snacks. When it comes to food and drinks, it is recommended that you try uncommon dishes and beverages. For instance, since Bolivia has a lot to show off when it comes to pastries, you should try as much bread variations as you can. Different regions in Bolivia produce various types of bread like huge ones, almost the size of a head or a Frisbee like those from Cochabamba.

You may also include in your must-try list the wines and beer locally produced in Bolivia such as the Tarija wine or Yungas coffee if you are drinking it with bread.

Rich culture and food have a lot to say about this countrys natural diversity, too. Bolivia has a wide array of natural wonders from peaks to lowlands. Thus, it is very likely to be home of unique species, newly discovered or not. From the countrys caves and terrains, this nation is home to a lot of extraordinary animals such as the infamous annellated coral snake.

It should be mentioned that if you visit Bolivia, you might as well plan to see the macaw variants present here especially the Blue-throated macaw which is only found there.

Finally, for the adventurous at heart, Bolivia is still recommendable. You can experience several activities which can take your breath away. You can ride a paraglider to have a view of the La Paz valleys or even give the Worlds Most Dangerous Road a try.

You can also go fishing for catfish which may be even heavier than you. Going on a classic adventure is also an option when you prefer hiking the peaks of Bolivia. If you want more, you can also go to the countrys rivers to see the ravines.

Bolivia is a great destination for you because it basically caters to foodies, adventure-seekers, nature-lovers, among others. This country has more to offer making it worthy to be included in your list of travel destinations.

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