Four Things In Vermont That Are Worth Visiting

Vermont may not be as powerful a tourism magnet as California, Nevada, and Florida, but it sure has a lot of things that roughly 2 million visitors see, taste, and experience year in and year out. The state may not have the Golden Gate Bridge or the glitzy lights of the Strip or the famous bikini-clad thronged beaches of South Beach, but Vermont surely has quite a number of things up its sleeves that you wont see anywhere else in this great nation. Here are 4 unique things in Vermont that you really have to see for yourself.

Watching a US Opera on Canadian Soil

There is an opera house located in Derby, VT named The Haskell Free Library and Opera House. It is actually just like any other opera house in the country, patronized by locals and a handful of visitors every now and then. But what is really interesting about this particular opera house is that it is actually built on land that crosses the border of two great countries, the US and Canada. As such, it is not unusual for visitors to have a very surreal experience entering through the gates of the opera on US soil only to be seated and enjoy the show on Canadian land. Now, hows that for an opera experience?

Naked Bike Race

Although the World Naked Bike Ride was only inaugurated in 2004, biking with clothing as purely optional has been going on in Vermont for the past 2 decades. The University of Vermont has been holding the bare-as-you-dare bike ride every last school day of each semester starting at midnight. You can always participate in the optional clothing biking fun if you want. However, if you want something more challenging and not just ogling at somebody elses equipment, you might want to partake in a real Naked Bike Race somewhere in Jay Peak. This is going to be a real test of your strength and staying power, in every sense of the word.
Ice Creams

Since Vermont is best known for maple and that delicious, decadent sweetness we all call maple syrup, it is not surprising that it is home to some of the worlds best ice cream parlors. From Waterburys Ben & Jerrys to Bristols Lu Lus to Stowes Scoop Shop and to Montpeliers Chill, every town and city in this quaint state has an ice cream to offer. There are also those who prefer to remain under the radar, opting instead to run on a word-of-mouth nature. These are one of the best places to sample ice cream in Vermont.


Vermont may be small but it sure knows how to be big in the hearts of alcohol-loving men. The state is home to a dizzying number of distilleries and breweries that are too numerous for the states size. Check out the selection of fine spirits at the Vermont Spirits, Smugglers Notch Distillery, Saxtons River Distillery, Mad River Distillers, and even SILO Distillery. Like ice cream, every town and city seems to have a brewery of their own.

Vermont may not have glitzy tourist attractions, but these 4 things are more than enough reason to visit the state.

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