Experience The Best Of France At Hotel Plaza Athenee

Hotel Plaza Athenee is a 5-star hotel situated at the 8th Arrondissement (Champs-Elysees), Paris, France. It opened in 1913 and it is soon to be 105 years old. Its opening caused excitement among the neighboring establishments in the area. It used to be the meeting place of the elite of Paris and of the artists and composers whose theater performances drew a big crowd. In 1947, the famous Christian Dior opened his fashion house next to it. His rich and famous customers used to converge at the now Plaza Athenee to discuss the latest fashion and gossip.

If you are looking for luxury on your next holiday, you can easily find it in this place. Tastefully embellished by the world-renowned interior decorator Bettina Mortemard and Marie-Jose Pommereau, its 194 guest rooms, and 46 suites offer an ambiance of elegance and style for which the French are known for. Later, its enormous 450-square meters Royal Suite was opened on the fifth. In 2008, the Eiffel Suite was launched. As indicated by its name, the suite offers guests the best views of the Eiffel Tower. Today, the Plaza Athenee is the leading destination of the wealthy and famous personalities from all over the world.

The fact that this hotel is situated right in the middle of Paris, with its multitude of fantastic tourism sights, makes it an even more astonishing place to stay. But be warned, you’ll need to part with serious cash to pay for a stay in this exotic hotel. If you can’t afford this kind of trip, try these suggestions instead.

The Plaza Athenee boasts of its 550 employees who work like they belong to one family. They are one in their desire to provide the best service to all its visitors. Their priority is the guests and they would do everything to make their stay in the hotel the best experience. They are courteous and they deal with their clientele in a professional way.

For those who seek the different beauty treatments that only the rich can afford, the Dior Institute is conveniently located in the building. The beauty regimens include grand facial treatment, luminous eye treatment, and a whole range of services that you can only find at the Dior Institute located in the same place.

The hotels bars and restaurants offer the best food and wine. You will never really experience Paris if you do not enjoy a drink or fine dining. The French and international cuisine is available every day.
The hotel is family-friendly as well. It offers babysitting services for couples who have to attend business meetings and gatherings or those who want to enjoy the night activities in the hotel and in the night spots nearby. Older children can join organized childrens activities during their stay.

All the rooms have a separate space for the living room and bedroom. There is an air conditioner, a television for entertainment and a balcony offers an excellent view of the iconic Eiffel Tower and the city. Each room has a mini bar and a smoking room for guests who smoke. It is also work-friendly as there is an internet access for each room. You can bring your pets, a privilege that other hotels do not offer. There are car rental services so that you can easily drive around or to your destinations.

With its numerous awards and recognition, the Hotel Plaza Athenee will always serve as the epitome of comfortable and luxurious living.

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