Barbados is a unique and fascinating small island, only 166 square miles, full of rich history, oddities, and a wonderful heritage that we take a special delight and enthusiasm in sharing with you through our hiking and walking tours, scenic bus tours, and fishing trips. We “Show and Tell” so that the seemingly unimportant objects “we take for granted” take on a fuller meaning within the Barbadian context. In this way, a web of life, an inter-relationship is developed in your mind as well as a resultant higher appreciation for Barbados and Barbadians.

Barbados is the only Caribbean country that was NEVER invaded by competing colonizers and remained a British colony from 1627 until its independence on November 30th, 1966. The Dutch tried only once and were repelled by the cannons from the coastal forts.

Some Caribbean countries changed hands as many as 30 times. But not Barbados. It is unique in many respects and its location which is set off to the East of the Caribbean chain of islands, is one of the many factors that contribute to this uniqueness. The geology of the land is unlike any other in the region. It is a fact being considered by UNESCO as it may well lead to another World Heritage Designation for the island. Its heritage is already celebrated with Bridgetown and its Garrison Savannah is listed with UNESCO as an outstanding example of British colonial architecture.

Among its many distinctions, Barbados is the birthplace of RUM. It grew to have much influence and prosperity because of sugar and rum. The grapefruit was also first propagated here as a cross between the shaddock and the orange. It is also home to thousands of smart green monkeys. These monkeys’ ancestor arrived on the island over 300 years ago as pets of sailors on slave ships.

Today, Barbados is one of the top travel destinations in the Caribbean. It has a wide selection of accommodations – from ultra luxury villas to stately plantation resorts at the top end, and some small guest houses for the budget-minded on the other end. A growing number of these tourists are choosing villa accommodations for their Caribbean vacation rather than the typical resort or hotel. Villa rentals in Barbados are also a popular option with a growing number of travellers.

The four main reasons for choosing villa accommodations are:


Many have found that villa accommodations offer more privacy that crowded resorts and hotels. Couples can have a truly romantic getaway knowing they are the only vacation goers on the property, and groups of friends or family can find quality time all to themselves.

Spacious Accommodations

Friends and families are easily accommodated, with everyone having their own bedroom and bath. Friends and extended family member can share the rental rate since villas charge by the night and not usually per person. many are surprised to find luxury accommodations for far less than the group or family unit would have found at luxury hotels and resorts. Also, many hotels and resorts in the Caribbean do not offer more than two bedroom units.

Home Away From Home Facilities

Private swimming pools, jacuzzis, tennis courts, and a villa beachfront property are only a number of the amenities offered in the villas.

Private Dining

The ability to have your own private cook or chef preparing meals when you want and what you wish to eat. This is definitely a plus with families. After a day of sightseeing, swimming, or lounging at the beach, it’s great to have a home-cooked meal waiting for your return.

Most travellers arrange to have the villa stocked upon arrival. We always advise clients to look at each island of the Caribbean as different, depending upon your vacation expectations. The same goes for choosing a particular villa.

If beautiful island vies are a must, then a villa in the hills of St. Lucia, or the tiny Island of Dominica will definitely fit the bill. While many other Caribbean islands offer wonderful hillside views, St. Lucia is absolutely stunning during the day. On the tiny Island of Dominica, the nighttime sky offers a vast field of twinkling stars, while hillside villas obviously don’t offer beachfronts. They all have swimming pools.

Many villas on the islands of Barbados, Jamaica and St. Thomas will often include a full staff, which includes a butler, a chef, a laundress, a maid, and a gardener. These islands also appeal to vacation goers who are looking for first class golf courses. Many staffs are long term and are professionally trained. Therefore, they are quite adept at pampering vacationers and anticipating client’s needs.

If first class cuisine is of primary importance, we suggest a stay in St. Bart’s, St. Martin’s, or the Island of Barbados. You will find French cuisine unrivalled in both the French islands of St. Bart’s and St. Martin’s, with over 100 restaurants between the two islands. Barbados is known for world class dining and offers the best selection of menus.

Those looking for a luxury “get away from it all” vacation should head to Virgin Gorda or Tortola which are both located in the British Virgin Islands. Most of the villas on Virgin Gorda feature amazing beach access and offer many options for dive and boat excursions. What would your ideal Caribbean villa vacation be?

The options are wide open. Choose from one to ten bedrooms, or you can even rent an entire island! Some properties do not offer in-house cooks and allow vacation goers the option of dining and cooking on their own. Find a secluded luxury retreat in the hills, or have a direct access to the beach.

Villa rentals were once exclusively for the wealthy. However, today, villa vacations are a viable option for everyone. Most villa owners hire world class management companies to market their properties. Travel professionals work closely with the management companies to ensure every detail is taken care of. And while on the island, management company representatives are always available to handle any last minute details.

Perhaps you have never thought about renting a villa. This might just be the right time to investigate and see for yourself the available villas throughout the Caribbean. Check you options here

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