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ARC Review: Ghost Seer by Robin D. Owens ★★★★

Ghost Seer (Ghost Seer, #1)Ghost Seer by Robin D. Owens
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Ghost Seer #1
Publication Date: April 1st 2014
ISBN: 9780425268902
Page Count: 320
Rating: ★★★★
Review Copy: ARC
Reviewed by: Lynsey
Buy Link: AMAZON

Synopsis: There’s just something about Clare. Apart from the ghosts…...

When her eccentric aunt passes away, no-nonsense accountant Clare Cermac inherits more than just a small fortune. She receives the gift of communicating with ghosts. While Clare may not believe in spirits, it’s hard to overlook the shadowy talking dog appearing on her bed or spectral cowboys tipping their hats to her in the streets of Denver. And when she locks eyes with sexy—and living—Zach Slade, there’s certainly no ignoring him either.

A former deputy sheriff, Zach is leaving a painful past behind in Montana for a new life in Denver as a private investigator, a job that has him crossing paths with beautiful Clare. Not that she minds. After the restless ghost of a Wild West gunman demands her assistance, Clare finds herself needing Zach more and more—and not just for help.

An Urban Fantasy with heart and humour, Ghost Seer is one to add to your To Buy Lists!

Urban Fantasies can vary wildly in tone, while still remaining part of the same genre. You've got your action-packed ones featuring badass, leather-clad, Katana-swinging heroes and heroines, and then there is another selection focused on slightly older characters and more mystery based. They're quite different, but I enjoy both depending on my mood. I often think of the latter type as a more grown up version of its bratty counterpart, but each has its place on my shelves. Ghost Seer belongs to this latter, slightly more refined category, and of that, it's among the most enjoyable I've read.

Told in alternating POVs between reluctant ghost-seeing heroine Clare, and recently ex-police officer Zach, it follows Clare's acceptance of her new paranormal "gift" passed down from her aunt, and Zach's acceptance of his new life as a disabled person, after being shot through the shin in the line of duty. Both journeys are similar, in a way, in that they examine the various stages a person might go through when their whole worlds are turned on their heads; shock, denial, anger, stubborn refusal to accept what is. And because both are going through such turmoil, it's probably the worst time ever to begin a new romantic relationship, but the heart, and the libido, wants what it wants. And, personally, I love a nice bit of complication in my romances!

Aside from this excellent and compelling characterisation, the story also focuses on Clare's first "case" as a ghost seer. That being to assist ghostly cowboy Jackson Slade to right his worst wrong before he can be at peace. To help Clare along the way, she has a talking ghost dog, Enzo - who is more than he seems, I'm sure! - to steer her in something close to the right direction. I loved Enzo! Every good UF needs a quirky sidekick character, and he was a pretty fantastic one!

Overall, Ghost Seer was a winner for me, and story I look forward to continuing. -4 Stars! ★★★★

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I enjoyed this one too Lyndey, and loved Enzo. I am excited about the possibilities for this series.

  2. Ooh nice review! Saw this one and became curious! Glad to hear it was good edgy, urban fantasy kind of read!


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