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Blog Tour Stop: And With Madness Comes The Light by Karina Halle

And With Madness Comes the Light (Experiment in Terror, #6.5)
And With Madness Comes The Light by Karina Halle
Genre: Horror/Romance
Series: Experiment in Terror #6.5
Publication Date: February 14th 2013
ISBN: n/a
Page Count: 89
Rating: ★★★★★
Review Copy: ARC
Reviewed by: Lynsey & Janice

Synopsis: The Man. The Mystery. The Madness.

Dex Foray has never been anyone’s fool – until he missed his chance for happiness with Perry Palomino. Broken and alone, Dex has no choice but to rise from the ashes Perry left behind and find his own path to redemption. But nothing in Dex’s life has ever come easily, especially when there’s a dark madness waiting in the wings.

Told from Dex’s POV, And With Madness Comes the Light is short story/novella that spans the time period from the end of Lying Season (Book #4) until the end of On Demon Wings (Book #5). If you were ever wondering what really happened to Dex while Perry was gone - his journey to Dex 2.0 - now is your chance.

Lynsey's Review:

A real treat for Dex fans!

And really, who reading this series isn't a Dex fan? How could anyone not be? It's impossible not to love that man, even as flawed and downright incorrigible as he is!

So, this novella picks up the morning after the night before; that now infamous scene from the end of Lying Season that is forever scarred across my heart. I had to take a minute, actually, to just sit and recall that scene, to put myself in Dex's current headspace (which is basically a cluster**** of raw emotions and self-loathing), so that I wasn't coming to it too cold. Ideally, I would have read this straight after On Demon Wings as I think it fits in better there than as #6.5, but there you go.

So, our Dexy is in a terrible, dark place. And so he damn well should be! This is the story of how he climbed out of that deep pit of despair (which can be found via the second tree on the left—Princess Bride, anyone?) and how/why he became the Dex version 2.0 that came waltzing back into Perry's life in book five. There are a couple of really gut-kicking moments for Dex in the book. It was both enlightening and painful to see them from his perspective. His POV is refreshing and interesting and I can't wait to see how it works as a full-length novel in Come Alive when that releases later this year.

All together, a great read. One of those rare novellas that is well worth its cost and then some, and an absolute must read for fans of the series. It basically only reaffirmed what I already knew: I love Dex and Perry!

5 Stars ★★★★★
ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Janice's Review:

"There can be only one...Dex Foray" 

The famous tagline, "There can be only one", may have been written for the Highlander movies, but I think it perfectly describes Dex Foray. He is truly an original. Who else can shock, entice, and make us laugh the way he does? It's no coincidence he is at the top of nearly every EIT fan's book boyfriends list. Goodness knows he's at the top of mine! It's because with Dex, we know there will never be a dull moment. Good or bad, he always finds ways to surprise us. It's what makes him so fascinating and fun to read about. It's also the reason all other male characters stand in his shadow. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of truly amazing male characters out there and I've ranted and raved about quite a few of them, but there is only one Dex.

In his 2nd novella, And With Madness Comes The Light, we see Dex at his very lowest, starting right after the fateful events of book 4, Lying Season. He's a despairing wreck, neglecting himself, his apartment, his job, even Fat Rabbit. Fortunately, he has some excellent friends who refuse to let him go quietly into that good night. Rebecca, Emily and Dean are lifesavers, and without their support and help, Dex would still be lost in the darkness of his own misery.

I love Dex to bits, but I'm almost glad he hit rock bottom. There have been too many mistakes, too many moments missed and chances blown. It was time for him to step up and be the man we all believe he's capable of being. To prove, not just to Perry, but to himself as well, that's he's worthy of her.

If you're looking for feels, you'll find lots of them in AWM. Maybe you'll cry, maybe you won't, but you WILL experience every high and low Dex does. He WILL tug at your emotions, he WILL pluck all your heart strings. And yet, as often as I ached for Dex and what he was going through, I was so damn proud of him too. Perhaps that's strange to say about a fictional character, but it's true. And I loved him all the more for transforming himself into a better man while still retaining his essential Dexness. He's still the same pervy weirdo we fell for in Darkhouse; he's just a new and improved version. Dex 2.0.

And With Madness Comes The Light is flawlessly written and sure to shoot straight to the top of every Dex-lover's favorites list. I read it twice in 24 hours, and then a third time a few days later. If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does!

I cannot wait for Come Alive (EIT #7) to release later this year. An ENTIRE BOOK written from Dex's POV? Yes please!

5 Stars ★★★★★
ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I can't even imagine how it is going to be to read an entire book in Dex's POV. Really...I think something inside me may rupture. My brain, my heart, my guts...who knows. But I look forward to the pain!

    Great reviews!!

  2. Thanks Ali! I can't wait for Come Alive! :)


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