Monday, 31 December 2012

Feature: A Resolution to Review - 220 books in 2012

A Resolution to Review - 220 books in 2012!
by Lynsey Taylor 
What kind of masochistic person would set themselves a New Year's Resolution to review every single book they read that year, when they know full well that, a) unlike 99% of the resolutions they've set for themselves in the past, like "will not eat chocolate," that lasted until about, oh, January 3rd, they are just persnickety enough to actually stick with this one, which means, b) writing at least two-hundred reviews that, c) take forever to write because of said persnicketiness and having to obsess over every word selection and comma placement?

Oh, yeah. That would be me!

So, I did it. Two hundred and twenty reviews, to be precise. I am proud of that fact, but I will most likely not be repeating it in 2013! I will probably still review most of my books anyway because a lot of them are ARCs, but next year, if I read a book I've purchased myself and can't think of a whole lot to say about it, I'm not going to berate myself for not reviewing it. I'll just leave it for other people who have got thoughts on it they wish to share. They'd probably do a better job than me anyway, what with all my commas in the wrong places...

So, anyway. Here they all are. My 2012 reads. All reviewed. If they've helped even one person find a good book to read, then I guess they were worth it. But....just never, ever again!

Scroll down to the bottom to see my resolution(s) for 2013!

2012 Reviews:

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As to next year, I'm thinking my resolution will be a mixture of book-related things this time. Like don't overdo the ARC requesting, for one. One ARC a week is enough for anyone! I want to have time to read other books on my list instead of début after début.

Also, I would absolutely love it if I could do some author interviews. I've been a bit too shy to ask up until now, but my confidence has grown to the point where I'm at least willing to pose the question to publishers. Whether the authors will agree to visit my little blog or not...well, that's out of my hands, really.

I also plan to go over all of my oldest reviews. Having glanced at some of them while changing the blog template over earlier this year,  I know they are all hellacious with grammar and spelling mistakes abound. I was a noob, what can I say? Also, they don't make a whole lot of sense; they're just my brain farts with no structure whatsoever. So I need to go over them. I don't have time to rewrite them completely, but I can do at least something to improve each one.

I would also do a happy dance to end all happy dances if I could just get past the 1,000 mark on the Amazon Top Reviewer Rankings. I've been hovering at around 1,100 ALL FREAKING YEAR and I really want to get my Top 1,000 Reviewer badge across my avatar. So, you know, if you happen to be on Amazon UK and see one of my reviews and my commas are mostly correctly placed..... *waggles eyebrows suggestively*

And lastly, my biggest...not a resolution, exactly, because again, this one is totally out of my hands, but I would absolutely squee until the cows came home if I were ever quoted in the front of a book. I've been quoted online already; on authors' websites, but I want to be in a book, dammit! Seriously, how amazing would that be? I think I would just expire from happiness.

So what about you? Any resolutions or ambitions for 2013?